Training & Qualification Programmes at PWI

PWI offers short term basic & advance welding technology courses at welders, supervisors, inspectors, engineers & managers level. The Institute provides technical support for the continuous improvement in the quality of welding education.

Training session in progress


To become the leading welding and technical training institute. To achieve this objective, the courses are designed to suit the professional needs of an individual trainee and also an Industrial Organization. To achieve the goals, the courses are planned with:
  • Maximum possible practical aspects at Welder's Level substantiated with theory to understand process, procedures, parameters selection, consumables & equipments selection, weld defects, trouble shooting applications etc.
  • High Theoretical content at Engineers and Managers Level, substantiated with practical to get hands on exposure of various welding processes.
  • Complete and all inclusive package to make the trainee a professional employee with theoretical knowledge, practical skill and work place ethics.
  • Curriculum relevant to an industrial / fabrication industry.
  • Theoretical session in progress

    Trainees are encourged to be in touch with the Institute even after the course completion, and stressed "To practice what has been taught" and consolidate the gains of training during the actual job performance.

    Certificate distribution ceremony

    Welding Training Simulator

    PWI has acquired welding training simulator which provides a way for trainee to log hours of practice without consuming excessive amounts of materials. The system features a welding helmet retrofit to display a virtual-reality environment, with an ultra-realistic hand piece. The simulator bring the shop floor welding experience to the classroom. The trainee can see immediate results of their efforts from the detailed quantitative feedback.

    Welding Training Simulator

    The Faculty

    The faculty of PWI comprises of highly experienced and foreign qualified engineers with years of manufacturing background. Each of the faculty members has a versatile and multifaceted knowledge and in-depth understanding of welding, joining & related technologies and is capable of imparting practical training as well as communicating theoretical welding education. The faculty is very well aware of the latest teaching and practical taining aspects covering today's needs of manufacturing industry.

    Courses Offered

    A comprehensive range of courses is beign offered