Material Testing, Cutting and Heat Treatment Facilities offered by PWI

Material Testing Facilities:

Chemical Analysis:

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of materials by Alloy Analyzer is based on "Spark Emission Technique" that can analyze Fe, Cu, Al, Ni and Co based alloys. C, Ni, Zn can be detected up to 0.002%. Other elements like Si, S, P, Cr, Al, V & As can be detected up to 0.001%.

Alloy Analyzer

Ferrite Content Measurement Equipment:

It is important to test the ferrite content of the stainless steel either in welds or surfacing/cladding, since ferrite influences the properties of a weld in many ways. Electromagnetic induction principle is utilized to measure the relative permeability of material in an alternating magnetic field of the equipment's probe to determine the ferrite content.

Ferrite Content Measurement Equipment

Mechanical Testing:

PWI provides complete range of mechanical testing services. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials for the evaluation of tensile, compressing, impact, weldability, fatigue and bend preperties.

Ferrite Content Measurement Equipment

100 Ton Computer controlled Universal Testing Machine that can perform tensile, compression, bending, shearing & hardness tests of metallic and non metallic materials within load accuracy of +1%. Elevated temperature tensile tests can be carried out by attaching heating furnace (heating upto 600 Degree) with the standard machine. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, DIN, GB or client specified standards.

Welding Testing/Calibration Equipment

NDE Test Samples with Known Flaws

The flawed specimens that PWI creates for National NDE industry are specifically designed with precise flaw placement in a wide variety of specimen geometries and alloy types. Our flawed specimens are used in various industries to facilitate the education, practice NDE training, personnel qualification, procedure qualification and procedure demonstration in accordance with ASME, API and other codes, specifications and standards.

Testing/Calibration of Welding Equipment

The quality and consistency of a weld depends on the welder, the materials and the welding equipment. Variability in the output of the welding equipment will affect the quality of the weld. In arc welding processes the quality of weld depends upon accurate and repeatable setting of parameters such as current, voltage, speed, gas flow, pulse characteristics etc. The adoption of mechanized welding, the introduction of quality assurance programs and the increased understanding of the factors which control weld quality have led to the demand for more rigorous calibration and validation of equipment performance.

PWI is fully equipped to provide all possible services to the industry for welding equipment testing and calibration.

Cutting Facilities:

Oxyfuel Gas Cutting

  • Manual Cutting Equipment
  • Semi Automatic Portable Machines
  • Cutting Capacity: 300mm

    Air Plasma Arc Cutting

  • Manual Cutting Equipment
  • Cutting Capacity:

  • Stainless Steel 50mm
  • Carbon Steel 300mm
  • Non Ferrous 50mm
  • Mechanical Cutting (Band Saw)

    Cutting Capacity:

  • Height 520mm
  • Width 700mm
  • CNC Profile Cutting Machine

    Band Saw

    Heat Treatment Facilities:

    Fully automatic high-tech electrical resistant stress relieving and preheating heat treatment unit of welded joints with 120kW power, 6 individual programmer and 6-point chart temperature recorder.

    Automatic high-tech electrical resistant stress relieving & preheating heat treatment unit