Introduction to Pakistan Welding Institute


Welding technology has virtually gained access to every branch of manufacturing industry either large or small. To name a few; bridges, ships, rail road equipment, building construction, boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, automobiles and power plants. In Pakistan, welding technology needs recognition and continuous improvement predominantly in the field of industrial & power generation boilers, power plants and chemical process industries. With the widespread applications of welding, its knowledge has turn into indispensable tool more than ever for the person already engaged in the profession and other eager to take up careers in welding design & fabrication.
Keeping in view the challenges faced by the entire manufacturing industry in the country, Pakistan welding institute(PWI) was therefore established in 1995 with the objectives of becoming a center of excellence in welding.
History of the Pakistan Welding Institute extends over twenty-five years from the foundation in 1985. PWI with the primary objective of attaining self reliance in design and fabrication of pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers & other mechanical equipment of oil refineries, fertilizer plants, chemical, petro chemical industries and thermal power plants.
PWI is located in a building spreading over an area of about 50,000 sq. ft. with all the facilities needed for an institute including training areas, controlled atmosphere consumables store, lecture halls equipped with audio-visual aids, workshops, laboratories, an info center outfitted with a computer network and latest audio-visual equipment, a library, a conference room and a seminar hall.
Pakistan Welding Institute(PWI) is committed to upload and strengthen national standards of excellence in welding technology. PWI offers industry with technical support through various services covering all areas of welding & joining technology.


The main objectives of PWI are to:

  • Undertake qualification and certification programmes for welding procedures and welders/operators.
  • Produce quality Welders, Inspectors & Supervisors to meet the Industrial demands as per applicable codes and standards.
  • Develop and apply standard procedures for qualification and approval of welding equipment, materials and workshops.
  • Be a need based welding research institute of its own kind in the country.
  • Enhance the existing level of knowledge, skill and capability of welding personnel by arranging regular training courses, seminars and workshops in all fields of welding.
  • Act as a consultant/service provider to deal with complex problems involving design, materials, economics and quality control in welding technology.
  • Support NDT community by providing weld samples with known defects for training & calibration of NDT personnel and equipment.
  • Provide advisory services to the welding industry.
  • Undertake specialized welding jobs and to help in trouble-shooting, repair and maintenance of fabricated equipment.
  • Create Pakistan Welding Society (PWS) with a mandate to act as an organizer of specialist's conferences, seminars and group meetings to provide local industry a forum to discuss latest information of interest.